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The Voltex Initiatives

Ethics & People

It is our responsibility as a business to take care of our manufacturers, our passionate team members, and our customers. We also have an obligation to the environment, and to contribute to the success of future sparkies around New Zealand.

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Eco-friendly Product Packaging

You may have noticed recently that we have been transitioning to raw cardboard packaging boxes. These use recycled material where possible, have a huge reduction in ink used, and removal of the laminate glossy coating means they are easier to recycle and breakdown better for those who want to use them in the garden.

Each new product is designed with the intention of being plastic-free. An example of this is the new junction boxes: the cable connectors are clipped into the base, instead of being in a plastic bag. Or the RCBO’s in a cardboard box, instead of plastic shrink-wrap.

Biodegradable Void Fill

As of mid-2021, we’ve made the transition to air pillows made from bio-degradable material. This material breaks down into Carbon Dioxide and Water within a year, and has been certified compostable, so can be placed in the green bin.

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Ethics and People

Our mission
“To help our passionate team members, electrical contractors, and vendors fulfil their missions, by moving fast in an environment of trust and transparency."

This is at the core of everything that we do. It is reflected in our supply chain, with vendors being represented by our manufacturers and freight service providers. We are in this for the long run, and ensuring that our partners have a healthy business results in better quality product and better freight services for you.

Voltex Warehouse

Global Awareness

Where it is not possible to source from New Zealand suppliers, we believe in spreading our manufacturing partners across the globe. 2020 showed us how fragile our world can be and we strongly believe that sourcing from one country or one region of the world only is risky for us and our customers. We currently source from 12 different countries and we are planning to diversify more in 2022 and beyond.

Ethical Compliance

For our global manufacturers, we have implemented an ethical compliance program. These are non-negotiable terms that describes the minimum requirements on social and working conditions, together with environmental demands. Happier workers = less quality mistakes and better products.

Passionate Team Members

And finally, our passionate team members. Companies can try to replicate the Voltex model, but they will never be able to copy the awesome crew we have here. Our people are our most valuable resource, and are rewarded generously for their hard work and demonstration of the Voltex values.

What else should we do? Send us your feedback.
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From humble beginnings, the Voltex family has grown into a network of over 10,000 registered electricians across Australia and New Zealand. We have a responsibility to take care of our family! So here are a couple of things we are doing today, and some other ideas for the future:

Special Children's Christmas Party

Voltex have been supporting Special Children's Christmas Parties since 2015. They host spectacular Christmas and extravaganza parties for special children who live with life-threatening illness, physical or intellectual impairment, domestic violence, or in underprivileged circumstances. Their goal is simple "We want to see children happy and beaming with smiles for a day, regardless of the challenges they’re experiencing in life. It’s a day to help them forget everything else that’s going on.

Helping Keep Kiwis Safe

Voltex supports Westpac Chopper Appeal provider of support and funding to promote and manage the annual Westpac Chopper, which supports all rescue helicopters in New Zealand. Be it airlifting new mums in labour to hospital, or saving adventurers from life-threatening incidents, whoever they are, whatever they’re doing. We never know when it may be one of us needing their help, so keeping this very worthwhile cause funded is so important. Helping Keep Kiwis Safe


One of our main partners is RRT who provide emergency and disaster relief, and support members of our community including the homeless and disadvantaged youth. They also work with charitable organisations that empower those with a disability or health issues. Many of our staff regularly volunteer, and we take pride in giving back to the community that supports us.

Makings Sparkies Lives Better

It is here that we need the most help. What more can we do to allow you to get ahead, and create a better life for you and your family?

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Voltex Assist

Voltex Assist is our free marketing package, offered to customers that are just starting out in their own business, or have been affected heavily due to COVID-19. Customised flyers to make your business stand out; designed, printed, and sent to you. We hope to expand this into free logo design service, business card design and printing, and web design in 2021.

Some other idea’s that have been bounced around
  • A free copy / access to AS3000?
  • Investing in Apprenticeships or Technical trainings?
  • Business Training for our customers?
  • Customer Relation training for our customers?
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